How much say have you had in ensuring the movies stay true to the book (or at least the spirit of the books)?

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I have good relationships with the people who worked on the Divergent movie— they were (are!) very kind and welcoming and respectful of the source material. They asked me questions when they had them (which they did on a fairly regular basis), they showed me the script, and they kept me well informed of what was going on. They also cracked jokes with me, chatted with me, brought me fruit-by-the-foots from craft services, got to know my husband, and were super nice to my whole family. Extra mega bonus points for lovely human beings, all around.

I had many opportunities to communicate what was important to me to the people involved, but most of the time, I didn’t have to say anything at all. The people at work on this movie were very familiar with the source material (one of the people working in the costume department explained the factions to me perfectly while showing me the costumes, for example), and they almost never needed to be reminded of it. Their decisions reflected that familiarity. Basically, this is what kept happening:

Movie People: Neil Burger!

Me: Fantastic!

Movie People: Shailene Woodley!

Me: Awesome!

Movie People: Chicago, for realz!


Movie People: Here, check out this screen test of Theo James and Shailene Woodley.

Me: Wow. That’s Tobias.

Movie People: Kate Winslet!

Me: *faints dead away*

Movie People: …Are you just an unfailingly positive person?

Me: No, I’m actually a pretty staunch defensive pessimist, it’s just that this is working out really well.

Movie People: Great! What do you think of this set?

Me: It’s awful.

Movie People: …

Me: HA HA. Gotcha. It’s incredible. *resumes flailing internally*

Great, right?

But basically, what I’m telling you is that I’m an author and I love being an author and I had the level of involvement that I wanted. Sometimes I think this confuses people, but to them I say, trust me— if you are lucky enough to find the one thing that you LOVE and that you are passionate about and that makes you feel purposeful and steady in yourself, you will want to focus on that thing, too, even if you could try to do other things that are also cool and interesting. That’s how I feel about writing.

The movie isn’t finished, obviously, but what I saw on set was wonderful, so I feel pretty good about how things are going.

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